VR AR MR Application Development

VR AR MR Application Development

VR will make costly, difficult, or otherwise-impossible scenarios and simulations not only possible but immediately within reach and shareable across distances.

It will enable more effective training and onboarding – even when employees are in distributed locations.

As a result, start-ups and corporations will look to create more and more engaging user experiences for both their customers and employees.

We provide application development services and resource augmentation in VR/MR/AR in the following areas with

a flexible, configurable and execution model tailored to “your” requirements

AR/VR development in Unity3D, Vuforia, SteamVR and other popular toolkitsand APIs
Ability to provide thought leadership, identify customer need and convert them into working VR/AR/MxR applications
Rapid prototyping to quickly determine challenges, and pivoting to overcome them
End to end implementation of the entire experience on defined headsets as well as mobile devices
Proven experience in mobile and web development
Ability to integrate the experience into the existing enterprise architecture